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Vocational Employment Training

The Arnold Center offers skill-building assistance activities that help individuals with disabilities increase their economic self-sufficiency and take part in meaningful activities, such as school, work and volunteering. Along with strengthening readiness for employment, these activities encourage independence, inclusion and productivity for all participants. 

Skill-building Assistance at the Arnold Center

Occurs in






individuals without disabilities

knowledge & skill development



individual goals



Leads to greater opportunities for

independence, inclusion, participation & productivity

Participants learn the following skills:

  • Communication with supervisors, co-workers and customers 

  • Conduct including acceptable workplace conduct and dress 

  • Teamwork such as following directions, accomplishing tasks and working with others 

  • Problem-solving to encourage independence in the workplace  

  • Workplace safety to ensure everyone in the workplace is safe and productive 


Work Preparatory Program 

In our Work Preparatory program, individuals acquire and improve skills, including self-help and socialization, so they can become valuable employees. This work pathway also helps individuals attain paid employment in the community. Jobs are matched to the individual’s interests, strengths, priorities and abilities. 




Individuals who are ready to earn a wage and further develop their skills can join the Employment Ready program. Offered within Arnold Center’s social enterprise businesses and industrial services, individuals earn minimum wage and receive benefits. Participants also hone their workplace skills, including communication, attention to tasks, safety and problem solving.  


When participants reach 75% productivity and meet their employment goals, they will have the opportunity to become permanent employees of the Arnold Center (depending on available positions) or move into our placement services.

Individual Employment Services 

Through our Individual Employment Services, the Arnold Center staff helps participants prepare for and find employment in the community. Along with personalized support, Individual Employment Services include career planning, job placement, self-employment, benefits planning and job coaching. 

Group Employment Services 

Group Employment services provide individuals with job opportunities to work alongside others who do not have disabilities. Participants may be employed by local partner companies or the Arnold Center’s own social enterprises, including WeServe janitorial services, fabrication and assembly operations, WeCycle recycling, WeGrow hydroponic garden and Good Kitchen food service. 


Groups of participants from the Arnold Center volunteer at businesses throughout the community, helping build skills that lead to greater employability. Participants can volunteer at the hospital, library, senior centers, schools or other nonprofits. 

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