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Arnold Center programs are where participants’ skill development meets community engagement. 

Our programs offer meaningful interactions, life skills learning, job training, employment and genuine care for people with disabilities. These purpose-driven vocational training and community activities offer participants the space and support they need to grow at their own pace toward greater self-sufficiency and self-development. 

Vocational Employment Training

The Arnold Center has a variety of skill-building and learning activities that prepare participants for independence and offer opportunities for individual and group employment.

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Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports help participants gain greater independence and productivity through inclusion and participation. These programs include Meaningful Day, Life Map Program, Kaleidoscope Creative Arts.

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ABA Therapy for Autism - Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons uses evidenced-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to teach participants with autism spectrum disorder new skills and replace challenging behaviors, helping them better achieve their goals. 

Home Chores

The Arnold Center provides help to do chores like light housekeeping, shopping, laundry and more.

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Residential Services

From help with meal preparation to money management, Residential Services help individuals achieve self-sufficiency so they can live independently. 

Respite Care

Free respite care is offered to participants or family members for short-term relief.

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