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Creative Arts

Kaleidoscope Creative Arts is the Arnold Center's art program. It was developed  to further enrich lives by creating a space where individuals can develop artistic skills, expand motor ability and learn about color, shape, and texture while exploring their own unique ability to produce art.


What we are about:

Our art program is designed to make everyone successful. Our individuals have different abilities and that's where we begin the process. Everyone has challenges... We choose to focus on the individual's strengths and build on that. It is our belief that if the instructor can reassure our individuals that they are capable of trying new and fun projects with their peers, they will feel they are a part of the group and will feel accomplished in their outcomes. 

We work in many mediums with the understanding that our goal is to find the right connection. None of us like everything, so our focus is on finding the right combination to help our participants be successful. We work in every possible medium including watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, clay, fabric, paper, wood and repurposed items. Every project is an adventure We also have projects that include music, singing, storytelling, chair yoga and self awareness.

Please call us for more information or schedule a tour to find out more about our exciting program!

beading a necklace
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