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The Arnold Center is a private, not-for-profit organization that has been serving Midland and surrounding communities since 1967. The Organization’s comprehensive rehabilitation and workforce development services help people experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity and community inclusion realize their personal goals and become contributing members of our community. 


We empower people with barriers to personal growth and independence through supportive services and opportunities.


The Arnold Center pioneers empowering journeys uniting community support, vocational training, and meaningful employment to champion the aspirations of Central Michigan's diverse individuals.


The Arnold Center’s operations are deeply rooted in a culture of commitment to our core values. These values are the driving force behind our actions and set the standard for professional conduct within our organization:

Collaboration: We are united in our efforts, working together with a shared vision and collective objectives.

Authenticity: Our interactions are characterized by sincerity. We communicate with transparency, honesty, and respect.

Excellence: We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of results for our stakeholders, anchored by a commitment to quality and ethical standards.

Innovation: We are forward-thinking, embracing change, and continually seeking ways to improve our services for the greater good of our stakeholders and the wider community.

Impact: We recognize the significance of our roles and foster an environment of inclusion, understanding and support for those we have the privilege to serve.

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We provide support and training for people in Midland and Gladwin counties, leading to greater independence and self-sufficiency. We are recognized throughout the State of Michigan as a leader in the employment service arena. 


The Arnold Center’s professional staff is composed of highly motivated and dedicated people who have developed a broad range of creative customer-focused services that utilize state-of-the-art technology. These services are designed around the needs and desires of participants, are responsive to their expectations and are relevant to their maximum participation in environments of their choice. 


Outstanding service by exceptional individuals.


Arnold Center is committed to advancing its strategic objectives aligned with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles, ensuring all actions reflect our core values and contribute positively to our stakeholders and community.

Fiscal Stewardship: To secure robust financial resources that support corporate expansion, support our foundational mission and facilitate the attainment of our strategic goals.

Customer Excellence: To deliver exceptional quality and unrivaled value, cementing and nurturing the respect and loyalty of our customers through unwavering service.

Dynamic Growth: To anticipate and surpass our customers’ evolving expectations with superior service, demonstrating agility and innovation in responding to market dynamics.

Inclusive Workforce: To affirm employment stability based on merit; celebrate individual contributions; embrace and leverage diversity; provide a congenial and secure workplace; encourage professional and personal development; and enable our team to find fulfillment and pride in their contributions.

Empowering Leadership: To cultivate ingenuity and originality by granting our team autonomy in their roles, aligned with clear job expectations and program objectives.

Community Engagement: To inspire our team’s active involvement in community projects that not only elevate our mission, but also enhance our collective resources and impact.

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We are happy to answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate resources. 

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