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Arnold Farms

Arnold Farms is a sustainable, indoor hydroponic farm located in Midland, Michigan. Employees involved in the WeGrow program are forward-thinking farmers who create ideal growing conditions for our thriving plants. 

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Arnold Farms Products

Our goal is to offer the finest quality produce to our customers. We specialize in growing a delicious selection of leafy greens, microgreens and herbs in a sustainable, climate-friendly environment.​ Our 3,000-square-foot facility has capacity for 12,000 plants at one time. 


Leafy Mix

(Muir and Red Oak)

Super Salad Mix

(Muir, Red Oak and Swiss Chard)

Pepper Blend Mix

(Muir and Arugula)




Swiss Chard



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Mild Mix

Spicy Mix

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Greens from Arnold Farms are proudly served in local restaurants and sold at retailers and farmers markets in the Great Lakes Bay region. The remainder is distributed throughout the community with the help of local nonprofits. 

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WeGrow is a vocational development program that provides the opportunity for individuals of all abilities to gain skills in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Our vocational training covers planting, maintenance and harvesting crops, as well as the set up and operation of a hydroponic growing system, produce sales and customer service. 


Talk to an Arnold Farms representative by calling (989) 898-1592. 

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