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The Life Map Program offers a variety of day habilitation services that help adults who want to integrate into the community. They spend time developing their communication skills, independence, autonomy and positive relationships. 

Life Map is located at 3109 Swede Avenue in Midland, away from the main Arnold Center location, and is part of a collaboration with other local nonprofit entities and residential neighborhoods. 

Community inclusion is at the heart of the Life Map Program. Participants become comfortable with being part of the community through group and one-on-one habilitation services and volunteering. 


Each day they receive one to two hours of instruction and education about a wide variety of activities, and then spend two to three hours in the community doing those activities as they go to events, take tours, visit festivals or volunteer. 

Individuals who are not seeking jobs or are ready to retire will get the most out of the Life Map Program. 


Life Map Helps 

  • Further community integration, inclusion and exploration 

  • Improve communication skills 

  • Improve or maintain functional skills, including physical, speech and language 

  • Foster independence 

  • Grow self-determination, self-advocacy and autonomy 

  • Explore community integrated retirement opportunities 

Day Habilitation Services for Adults
Day Care for Adult with Disabilities
A variety of life experiences are available:










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