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WeCycle recycles electronics, paper, cardboard and metal, while always keeping safety and confidentiality a priority. We can pick up recyclables from your location and perform some services onsite. 

Arnold Center WeCycle impact


Computer hard drives can contain sensitive information about your company, finances and customers. Just throwing out a hard drive doesn’t destroy the information. We offer secure hard drive destruction and recycling that helps 

  • Safeguard privacy 

  • Block unauthorized access to financial and customer data 

  • Protect from data theft 

  • Comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other IT guidelines 

  • Create and support job opportunities 

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As a social enterprise of the Arnold Center, WeCycle provides paid vocational training for individuals with disabilities, empowering them as they gain employment skills and experience in all aspects of recycling and environmental stewardship. 

This is Success

Learn more about the Arnold Center's programming and how participants become valuable employees ready to work for you.

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