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In 2017 “Midland Fresh” was created from a wonderful charitable idea for the greater Midland area community. That idea’s primary objective was to address the hunger-food issues present in the greater Midland area. At that time, approximately one in three persons struggled with food insecurity. The primary goal for “Midland Fresh” from its beginning to now remains to provide free produce/food to Midland area residents in need. 


In 2020 with an expanded delivery schedule, the need for increased coordination of food donations and other logistics becoming increasingly overwhelming, the original organizers of “Midland Fresh” approached the Arnold Center on taking over the humanitarian community effort. 


In the late spring of 2020, the Arnold Center officially took on the “Midland Fresh” mission with a promise to carry on the mission and goal of delivering food items to those in need in the greater Midland area. 


Now in 2023, with the challenges for Midland area communities from the rising inflation rates as well as the discontinuation of subsides for food benefits, the Arnold Center is seeking your help in the form of sponsorships to carry-on the “Midland Fresh” mission as demand and need for more food/food items is greater than ever. 

Become a Midland Fresh Sponsor Today

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