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Annual  Report

Exceptional People Delivering Quality Service



We work collaboratively towards a common purpose and shared goals



We are genuine in our interactions and   communicate openly, honestly,                and respectfully.



We deliver that best possible  outcome for our stakeholders and take pride in our work built on quality and integrity.



We embrace change and seek opportunities to advance our services for the benefit of our stakeholders and community.



We acknowledge that our work matters    and build a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support for those we serve.

Table of Contents

Letter from the Executive Director       2

Board of Directors                             3

Mission, Vision, Quality Statement       3

Highlights                                        4

Industrial Support Services                 5

WeCycle                                           5

Arnold Farms                                    6

Good Kitchen                                    7

Midland Fresh                                   7

Community Living Supports                8

Financials                                         9 

Success                                            10

Community Employment                    10

Staff Recognition                              11

Donations                                        12

Safety                                              13


I am honored to write this letter of introduction for this report. This last year has proven

challenging as we navigated a staffing crisis, high inflation, and the lasting effects of a

global pandemic. However, I must tell you that despite all those things…

                                      Good Things Grow Here. People. Produce. Purpose.

Arnold Center participants have continued to thrive through our purpose-driven vocational

training and community activities. This is primarily due to our staff and the continued support

of our community employers and partners. I am inspired by the individuals I see walking through

our doors daily. Our staff members show up every day to provide meaningful interactions, training, and genuine care for those easily overlooked.

This organization is special, and not just because of what we do.

  •   It is special because we have a Board of Directors that believe in our mission and their unwavering support of our participants and staff.

  •   It is special because of the dedicated staff members that live our mission and provide countless hours of support for those we serve.

  •   It is special because we have a leadership team that gives their all to support their departments in meeting our mission.

It is special because of all the individuals we serve who give us purpose.

Over the last couple of years, the Arnold Center has remained financially stable, which is demonstrated through our strong balance sheet, development of additional programming and continued success of our Social Enterprises; Arnold Farms, Good Kitchen, and WeCycle. Our partnerships with community employers have expanded our employment training and work opportunities into new sectors and increased the earning potential for individuals in our programs. These increased employment have also resulted in increased wages and career paths for our staff members. We realize that investing in our staff is an investment in the future of our program.

We have reviewed our policies and practices with our increased knowledge of Diversity, Equity, and  Inclusion, which has resulted in updates to ensure we are an inclusive environment and organization for all community members. I cannot be prouder of the steps we have taken to advance our environment that promotes people and purpose. I invite you, if you have not already, to learn more about the Arnold Center and to become part of what makes this organization exceptional.

 Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace, Executive Director


We would like to extend our sincerest thank you to our Board of Director for another year of service.  Our Board of Directors, has been united, in their commitment to valuing people’s strength, abilities and skill regardless of the challenges they may face.  As a non-profit, Arnold Center is governed by a Board of Directors comprised entirely of volunteers who are share our mission and have committed to sharing their professional expertise and time. This time and energy devoted to Arnold Center’s planning and well-being is a gift that we are grateful to receive.

We would like to  give a special thank you to Kyle Fahrner for his service as our Board Chair (2020-2022). With Kyle’s leadership we have been able to navigate through great challenges. A famous activist once said, wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing. Kyle has proven to be both wise and virtuous.

Kyle Fahrner

Kimberlee Baczewski

Tom Kreucher

Matthew Granzo

Board of Directors

Regular Board: Bob Balzer, John Bunch, Maureen Donker, Mark Freed, Sam Howard, Lance Lewis Ph.D., Chrysa Milholland, Marcie Post, John Searles, Dave Szczepanski, Gregg Young

Emeritus Board: Tim Dyste, Kim Hohisel, Jim Hummel, Alice Strack


We empower individuals with disabilities and other barriers to independence through

enhanced vocational, social and life skill training and services that lead to greater




The Arnold Center is the leading organization paving the way to maximize

opportunities and self development for individuals with disabilities and other

barriers to independence.


Quality Statement

Exceptional people delivering quality services.


Weinlander Fitzhugh Certified Public Accountants audited Arnold Center 2018/2019 financial statements in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and determined our fiscal practices to be compliant with generally accepted accounting principles.

Resources Earned

United Way Allocations                $   104,804.00

Other Revenue & Income              $     23,119.00

Government Fees & Grants           $   209,749.00

Product & Commercial

Service Sales                               $1,622,349.00


Total                                           $1,960,021.00

Resources Expended     

Cost of Product &

Commercial Service Sales                 $1,410,799.00

Depreciation                                   $   162,330.00

Occupancy Costs                             $   169,418.00

Administration                                $   602,708.00

Other Operating

Salaries, Wages,  Benefits,

& Payroll Taxes                                $2,488,862.00


Total                                               $4,834,117.00


Delivering sweet treats during Midland Neighboring Week

A Participant demonstrating the skills he is learning while working in Industrial Services to a group from           Midland Youth Leadership.

Saginaw Valley students spent time volunteering with our participants and offering valuable health related information through presentations and hands on demonstrations.

Northwood students and a group from Dow were just two of the volunteer groups that offered their time and energy to the Arnold Center this year, learning about our programs and providing work hours to assist in Arnold Center projects.


Our Arnold Center Ambassador Team provides guided tours and presentations to large and small groups in our area. Our guests get a tour of our facility, the opportunity to see what we do from Arnold Farms to the Good Kitchen along with everything in between. We offer refreshments made by our cooking class participants, and participant artwork created in the Kaleidoscope art program is displayed and sold during events. 

We were honored to be one of four businesses to have the opportunity to host participants in Northwood University's Peace Through Business Program. Women from Afghanistan and Rwanda toured our facility spending time learning about our disability services along with our success with Social Enterprises.

  • 85,000 lbs. of paper recycled per month

  • 28,000 lbs. of cardboard recycled per month

  • 55 recycling sites

  • 4 Driver’s Assistants employed in Gladwin

  • 8 Driver’s Assistants employed in Midland

  • 76 Sorting/Shredding in Midland

  • $76,618 paid in Wages

For more information on how we can meet your recycling needs visit or contact Karen at 


Access Midland provided paid vocational training to 88 individuals who earned $125,844.49 in wages.

Gladwin Co. provided paid vocational training to 31 individuals who $30,250.00 in wages.

Arnold Farms logo

Arnold Farms is a fully organic, non–GMO, indoor hydroponics farm. Hydroponic farming is a soil-less, water-based farming process.  Temperature, nutrients, and PH levels are all computer monitored to ensure the ideal growing conditions for our crops 365 days a year, ensuring our ability to deliver the finest quality produce in a sustainable, climate friendly environment.

Arnold Farms’ 3,000 square foot indoor facility has the capacity to grow 12,000 plants. Our mission is to provide a training environment where our participants can earn a paycheck while learning diverse and valuable skills for careers in the agricultural industry or any field they choose.

Many of the greens grown at Arnold Farms can be found not only in our own Good Kitchen’s menu, but also in local restaurants, local grocers, and at the Midland Farmer’s market. 

Dow volunteers learn the growing process from preparing the trays to weighing the produce for packaging.


We are committed to safety and thanks to concerted and consistent safety education, training and best practices, the number of Injuries and/or illnesses remains low.

Good Kitchen at the Arnold Center is a fully operating commercial kitchen with the mission to train and prepare individuals for employment in the food services industry. Participants learn food safety, safe kitchen skills, customer service, how to use a cash register, have the possibility of earning ServSafe Certification, and so much more.

The Good Kitchen is designed to help our participants earn wages while expanding their opportunities for future  employment.

The Good Kitchen provides meals to staff and participants. It is also a fully functional catering service, offering services to individuals and businesses. Check out their menu at the Arnold Center website or contact Maegan Nowak 989.631.9570 ext. 228 for more information.

  •  Provided Starter plants for the Community Garden in our system

  •  3 pallets, plus harvests from community gardens distributed each week

  •  7 locations: Combined locations and partnered with other local organizations to increase impact

Distribution Locations:

Coleman Family Center

North Midland Family Center

Green Hill Apartments

Cleveland Manor

ARC of Midland

Open Door

Shelter House


Midland County:

62 individuals through group services

15 individuals in their homes


Gladwin County:

14 individuals through group services

12 individuals in their homes

Our Community Living Support Services provide services and activities tailored to support individuals living independently and in supported living situations.

We Provide:

  • Medication Management and Monitoring

  • Health maintenance and personal care

  • Safety monitoring and training

  • Social recreation and relationship building activities

  • Activities of daily living support

  • Transportation

  • Creative Arts Classes

  • Money management and budgeting

  • Attendance at medical appointments

  • Respite Services: Respite care provides short term relief for primary caregivers. It can be arranged for just an afternoon or for several days or weeks.

  • Home Chore Services: Services include light housework, shopping, transportation, meal preparation, laundry. Service is funded through Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Community Educational Presentations


JJ  worked on skill building for several months before beginning placement services.  He worked on skills like number recognition, communication skills, and problem solving in the workplace. He  also considered what type of work he would like to do. He decided on maintenance / custodial, because he takes pride in maintaining  a high level of cleanliness and organization in his home and surroundings, and enjoys helping fix things. He then created his resume and practiced interviewing skills.

JJ applied to several jobs and went on two interviews before applying to Taco Bell.  He attended the interview ready to work, and it showed.  He was hired the same day, and has worked at the North Saginaw Rd. Taco Bell five days a week, for nearly a year now. He started out with a job coach, every day, for every hour of his shift, and now works independently, with weekly check ins for support, to trouble shoot when necessary, and

and assist in communication with home staff, etc.

It is the cleanest Taco Bell in Michigan. JJ's manager has said of him, that Taco Bell's motto is "The Best on the Block", and that JJ's performance and work ethic demonstrate that every day. JJ has developed several great natural supports in the workplace, and gets along great with his managers and coworkers.  In fact, He is planning to ask his boss for additional hours and increased job responsibilities.


Our Community Employment Programming offers vocational training and paid training opportunities to work in the community. Services include application and interview assistance, resume building, transportation, and assistance with linking to other employment support services.

We offer:

  • Customized Competitive Community Employment             Job Development

  • Supported Employment

  • Job Coaching

  • Micro-Enterprise development and support

  • Social Enterprises

  • Transportation services and school districts and state       vocational rehabilitation service to transition students from school into community employment

  • Benefits Guidance with a Work Incentive Practitioner

  • Skills Lab: a program for individuals looking to hone their skills for community employment, learn computer skills, or are looking to start their own business



Lead Service Coordinator, Kelli Swett, received the Art Letourneau Award form the Board of Directors of Community Mental Health of Central Michigan. Kelli was nominated by Gladwin community members and recognized for her service to individuals with disabilities in Gladwin County.


The Arnold Center celebrates Greg Knopp for 41 years of valuable service to the organization and our participants.


Arnold Center Direct Support Professionals were recognized by Community Mental Health of Central Michigan

for their outstanding performance. Individuals were nominated by their supervisors and received gift certificates

along with a letter of appreciation.


Thank You! Together We Make a Difference! With the support of our many community partners, we have provided a better quality of life for many of our community residents. Arnold Center, Inc. would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support.

Goad Family Donation

Young Family Donation

Doan Family Grant (Regeneration Project)

Hummel Family Donation (Regeneration Project)

Knights of Columbus (Gladwin Upgrades)

GLBI (Skills Lab Development)

Give Local MCF

DCECU Grant (Regeneration Project)

Herbert H & Grace A Dow Foundation (WeCycle)

United Way Midland (Service)

PHIP/CMH Staff Stabilization Grant

Amanda Palumbo

Anita Whitney

Ashawn Acker

Cindy's Tax Consulting

Coyne Oil Corporation

David and Cathy Carr

Janet Benchley

Jeffery Kosch

Kevin M Kane

Kevin M Kane DDS PC

Kristine and Roger Szeszulski

Lauri Kalnvach

Louis Garl

Mark Freed

Maryann Gilbert

Midland Area Community Foundation



Ray Grass

Richard G Young

Stephanie Mitchell


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