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We Recycle

Paper, Cardboard, Hard Drives

The WeCycle Program

Founded in 1990, WeCycle provides vocational development where individuals gain skills and experience in all aspects of the Recycling industry. The program trains individuals in the collection of paper and cardboard along with secure storage and shredding of materials. When businesses recycle with WeCycle they create jobs in our community and meet high standards for data security and environmental stewardship. 



We offer secure Hard Drive Destruction.


Paper and Cardboard

We provide onsite pick up for cardboard and paper recycling. There is a guarantee of data security through locked storage and shredding.


Metal  and More...

We provide recycling for stators for electric motors, anti-rotation pins, and more through specialized contracts. Contact us to see how we can help you reduce your footprint on the environment.

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Let us recycle for you.

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